Anxiety Disorders

  • April has given herself over to her fear and anxiety. She is not sure why or how this happened to her, but she now is terrified to leave the house or venture into the unknown. She was previously cautious but things recently turned extreme. This video puts the learner into the room with her, as she explores the factors and symptoms of her condition and explains how she wound up like this.  
  • Phillip is a husband and father struggling with some significant issues in his life, including a chronically ill wife, and a young son that he worries is showing signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. These latest revelations have put him over the edge and he's come in for help. Listen to his story, note what you think are his symptoms and determine your diagnosis.  
  • Dennis has presented for therapy after going to the hospital for what he believed to be a heart attack, but was actually caused by severe emotional distress. He explains that he once considered himself to be a rather laid back, unexciteable type, but over time, he developed a sense of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about his life and his ability to cope with factors beyond his control. Viewers are invited directly into the therapy session and asked to observe Dennis' responses and mannerisms. Through these observations, clues about his condition can be revealed and a potential diagnosis can be discovered.  
  • Marty has sought therapy to deal with a tremendous fear that has developed regarding the health and well-being of his parents. He explains that he began hyper-focusing on this after he left home for the first time to attend college. As he reports to the therapist how the condition has progressed and the severity of the symptoms he experiences, viewers can put together clues to establish a diagnosis.  
  • Rishi has presented for therapy to look at the issues that have led to recent professional and personal setbacks. He explains how he quickly lost confidence in himself after moving to a new city and starting a new job. He reports that he was once a more-focused, capable individual, but now he cannot think of anything other than the worst-case scenario. Rishi's thoughts, mannerisms, and words provide viewers with clues into his condition and potential diagnosis.  
  • Aaron is by all accounts a likable, well-mannered man, but he has an unreasonable fear that interferes with a number of areas of living. He recognizes it is irrational, but he is powerless against it. As the learner observes Aaron explain the issues, they are able to see his anxiety and emotional troubles manifest in his approach to therapy. He is obviously desperate and ashamed.  
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