• Aliyah Williams will tell anyone who'll listen that she has a successful business; two wonderful children - though her daughter could lose a few pounds, several successful marriages from which she profited handsomely. Unfortunately, her son has suggested the pressure may be affecting her.  
  • Angela feels cruelly abused. She has so much love to give. Yet people are always disappointing her. She?s constantly being abandoned by friends and lovers who tell her she?s too intense. She just wants to shower them with love--and get the same in return. Is that so much to ask?  
  • Bobby was a tough little kid. He had to be. His father was a violent drunk and liked to come after him. He got even by poisoning his father?s dog. He started boosting cars before he was fifteen. He?s been in and out of jail--since then. He considers himself a sharp guy; he knows how to find the angles.  
  • Jasmine has issued an ultimatum: she has to see someone about her excessive attention to detail or be fired. Jasmine doesn?t understand why her boss is upset. What good would her work product be if it isn?t absolutely, rigorously checked, cross-checked, and every possibility accounted for? Certainly, that's worth missing a few deadlines.  
  • Ken doesn?t trust others; he feels he has a sixth sense about things. He knows what other people are thinking or when something is about to happen. He believes in the paranormal and feels he experiences it in small subtle ways that only he can detect. He doesn?t have any friends and can't really function socially.  
  • Lou thinks everyone in his life is out to use and abuse him. He?s constantly on his guard and believes he has enemies all around him. Lately, he?s become convinced his wife is having an affair and her denials make him all the more certain.  
  • Lucy is the life of the party. And if not, she makes sure she?s the center of attention no matter where she is. People adore her. She?s not embarrassed about how she looks; she flaunts it. And the men who come and go can?t get enough. Or so she believes.  
  • Malcolm just wants to be left alone. He is indifferent to other people. He doesn?t understand their emotional needs, particularly his mother, whom he feels is needy, clingy, and always making dramas. He is flat and affectless in his speech. He has no friends; sex or relationships hold no interest for him.  
  • Rhonda is lost without her husband Cliff. He always knows just what to do. Her world is too fragile without him at the center of it. She would never disagree with him so she lets him make all the decisions. She wouldn?t want to offend him or make him think she doesn?t appreciate everything he does.  
  • Teri has always been shy. She sees herself as socially inept, unappealing, and inferior to others. She can?t get herself to feel comfortable in social situations so she avoids them as much as she can. It?s the same with new situations or activities. Better not to risk them because she?ll just embarrass herself.  
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