Sensation & Perception

How the patient views the world vs the brain's interpretation of the events can radically differ
  • Aaron has a severe issue with blood. When he sees it or thinks about it, he becomes overtaken by anxiety and emotional negativity. It's becoming more of an issue as he is developing diabetes and won't go see his doctor.  
  • Ken doesn?t trust others; he feels he has a sixth sense about things. He knows what other people are thinking or when something is about to happen. He believes in the paranormal and feels he experiences it in small subtle ways that only he can detect. He doesn?t have any friends and can't really function socially.  
  • Kira is a driven, single professional woman who believes a married man she recently met at a conference is her soul mate. She's misinterpreting his courtesy kindness as invitations for much more.  
  • Lou thinks everyone in his life is out to use and abuse him. He?s constantly on his guard and believes he has enemies all around him. Lately, he?s become convinced his wife is having an affair and her denials make him all the more certain.  
  • Randall works incredibly hard in the gym and eats right, so he's in great shape. But he's essentially blind to his own accomplishments and is prepared to do anything possible to achieve what he has already achieved, even if it has potentially fatal consequences.  
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