States of Consciousness

  • Alexis used to have childhood nightmares. For the last year, they?ve been coming two or three times a week. She wakes up screaming, needing her girlfriend to rescue her from the paralysis she feels. The relationship is on the verge of collapse and Alexis needs help.  
  • Over the last 43 days, Sheryl has been hearing voices coming from her pipes. She's been confused, and not making a lot of sense when speaking to others. She shut herself away from her friends and family for a while and at some point, the symptoms simply disappeared. She worries it will happen again.  
  • Stephanie?s under enormous pressure with the impending death of her father which is causing her to feel as if she?s stepped outside herself. It?s like someone else is in charge of her body and her life and she's just a bystander in her own mind, unable to regain control.  
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