Health, Stress, & Coping

  • Camila has been experiencing isolated incidents where her mood drops considerably, and she feels extremely low. She is overwhelmed by the depression and helpless to fight it and has been increasingly thinking about suicide.  
  • 14-year-old Carl was abandoned by his mother when he was seven. But even before his mother left, at the age of four, Carl was already blinking a lot and made jerky movements with his head or his shoulder. Eventually, the uncontrollable blurting out of bad words has become a part of his daily life.  
  • Since losing his partner a few years ago, Dan has had no interruptions in his mourning, and thinks about the loss of his loved one nearly every moment of every day. He does not feel he is making any progress toward leading a ?normal? life or moving on.  
  • Dennis always thought of himself as a well-liked, easy-going type of guy, but recently he's started having recurrent bouts of anxiety to the point where he was rushed to the hospital thinking he was having a heart attack.  
  • Henry is steady and dependable, but when his company is sold and the dynamics of his professional world are shaken up, he begins seeing and believing things that are not real. His reputation and sense of control over his life are damaged and he is helpless to stop the thoughts in his head.  
  • Maria was attacked at knife-point in her own home after being stalked by a man she met online. She was fortunate not to be seriously harmed physically, but the incident has left her scarred emotionally.  
  • Phillip is struggling with some significant issues in his life; his wife has just been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease; his son is autistic and he's been feeling completely anxious and overwhelmed for more than 6 months. He feels like everything's falling apart and he's helpless to deal with it.  
  • Rosalyn was involved in a horrific traffic accident where she witnessed the gruesome death of the other driver. She is deeply shaken up: having nightmares, trouble concentrating at work, getting angry at her husband for no reason, and feeling a growing sense of dread.  
  • Sylvia is a somewhat high-strung young woman who is concerned with how people see her. She has an uncontrollable habit of pulling out her eyelashes and eyebrows and was recently laid off from a job, and she suspects her condition may have played a role in it.  
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