Obsessive-Compulsive & Related Disorders

  • Randall always dreamed of having an incredibly muscular, lean physique, like the athletes, wrestlers, and superheroes he idolized as a child. He is completely dedicated to his diet and exercise routine and everybody around him is impressed by how great of shape he is in, but for some reason, Randall does not see himself the same way. He is particularly interested in growing a specific muscle group, but he has not been able to see any real progress, which has led him to feel terribly about the whole endeavor. As the viewer observes Randall's session, they see the realities of his situation as he talks about his perception and his expectations for himself. Through his mannerisms and behaviors, clues to the disorder he is struggling with are revealed.  
  • Neal has arrived for therapy looking for help dealing with his obsessive focus on germs and cleanliness. He notes that his behaviors have made his life more difficult and has isolated him from others, but he strongly believes he has to be vigilant against the unseen dangers surrounding him. As he describes his thoughts and feelings to the therapist, viewers are able to observe him and the way he presents himself. Through those observations, conclusions about his potential diagnosis can be formed.  
  • During her therapy session, Sylvia reports she is scared that the socially unacceptable habits she displays are all that others see or think about when they are around her. She explains that she has lost control over her compulsive need to pull hairs out of her head. She is aware of what others think about this behavior and she desperately wants to stop, but she is helpless to do so. As she explains the situation and the development of her condition, viewers observe her actions and behaviors they will use to make a potential diagnosis.  
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