Paranoia, Obsession and Dissociation

  • Aaron has a severe issue with blood. When he sees it or thinks about it, he becomes overtaken by anxiety and emotional negativity. It's becoming more of an issue as he is developing diabetes and won't go see his doctor.  
  • Katrina began having mood fluctuations a few years ago, which ranged from moderately depressed to a happier, more hyper mood at other times. The fluctuations began increasing in frequency and she now feels helpless to control herself at any given moment.  
  • Lou thinks everyone in his life is out to use and abuse him. He?s constantly on his guard and believes he has enemies all around him. Lately, he?s become convinced his wife is having an affair and her denials make him all the more certain.  
  • Sylvia is a somewhat high-strung young woman who is concerned with how people see her. She has an uncontrollable habit of pulling out her eyelashes and eyebrows and was recently laid off from a job, and she suspects her condition may have played a role in it.  
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