Mood and Suicide

  • Amrita has never had a particularly high opinion of herself and she recalls feeling great shame when she was younger by things like snacking or indulging. She struggles with recurring sadness and low mood.  
  • During Bill's 2nd year in college, he began having episodes where he felt very depressed, and then episodes where be extremely hyper and overly confident. These mood changes began happening more regularly and he is getting increasingly worried about what will happen to him next.  
  • Camila has been experiencing isolated incidents where her mood drops considerably, and she feels extremely low. She is overwhelmed by the depression and helpless to fight it and has been increasingly thinking about suicide.  
  • Katrina began having mood fluctuations a few years ago, which ranged from moderately depressed to a happier, more hyper mood at other times. The fluctuations began increasing in frequency and she now feels helpless to control herself at any given moment.  
  • Sean has had trouble with his temper. He easily gets frustrated and is quick to get angry. He looks to escalate tensions and situations rather than find a peaceful solution, and he is often feeling slighted or victimized by others even if there is no evidence of the offense.  
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